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As many of you may or may not know, the members of Strange Reflection:
Jay, Chris, and Brent (along with a lot of inspiration from Pastor Pat) have
all teamed up with former SR members, Angie and David Leyda to build a
new ministry.
SR exists to praise and worship God, but while we were out playing shows
we were meeting some extraordinary bands. We wanted to keep putting on
shows and to keep networking with great musicians. But what good is all
the networking if you never do anything with it?
We have had the unique pleasure of playing with bands from pretty much
EVERY genre you can imagine. From death-metal to a single vocalist
playing a ukulele.  The funny thing is, as a band, we like almost every style
there is.
When we decided to put together a ministry that puts on Christian concerts
we wanted to make sure that we could hit people in EVERY area. From the
mainstream pop and punk lovers, to the people who love their
screamo-hardcore music, we wanted to be able to put a show on for all.
WIth that in mind we started "The Pit" shows for those hardcore, metal, and
screamo fans. We have had a tremendous turnout for those. In the coming
months we will be unleashing a series called "Revolution Next" which will
feature the music that is not quite as hard.
It is time for ALL of us to get our hands dirty. Our nation is in decline not just
economically, but also spiritually and morally. Statistics show that at the
current rate of evangelism, the number of Bible believing Christians will
drop (in this next generation) from 35% to only 4%.
We as a band cannot sit back and let that happen. From the time we
accepted Christ as our Savior, we were ALL called to a ministry. It is our
duty to be lights in a dark world. So we put together a ministry to try to
change our culture "one show at a time."
If you would like to help us out, we could use some donations. These
shows carry some significant costs. On most shows, we lose a little
money. But if we can get ONE soul to turn to Christ it's MORE than worth
any monetary loss.
Please consider a donation to Always One Ministries so that we can reach
as many as we can through Christian concerts and events. You can do so
by clicking the links on the bottom left of the page.
    For the 3rd year in a row, Strange Reflection had the honor and privilege of playing at
the iconic Christian festival, Cornerstone. This time, SR played two shows on the final
day of the final Cornerstone ever.
    The Impact stage had been the place where SR played in the previous two years, and
those people who run that stage have been extremely great to us and a true pleasure to
work with. This year, SR opened the Impact Stage on Saturday to a few dozen
over-heated fans. After it was over, we mingled with some of the fans and prayed with a
man named Tim. It was awesome.
    About 5 hours later, for the first time, Sancrosanct Records allowed SR to play a set on
the stage that has been known as a bastion for hardcore and metal bands. The unique
sounds of SR received several complimentary comments as a nice change of pace.
    The final Cornerstone was an over-heated but very bittersweet  memory filled event.
Temperatures soared over 100 degrees every day, but in the end, it was an event that
Chris, Jay, Pat and Marc will never forget.
      Pastor Pat Bousum, who has been the lead-guitarist
for Strange Reflection for the last several years finally has
been given the opportunity that he has been hoping for, for
a long time. Pastor Pat, the longtime Associate Pastor at
Family Worship Center was promoted when he was
offered the Lead Pastor position at Center City Church in
Marshfield, Wisconsin.
      We cannot express how proud and how grateful we
are for Pastor Bousum's promotion to his new position,
even though it also puts a huge hole into the lineup of
Strange Reflection.
      As a result of the departure, SR has not had the
chance to seek a new guitarist, and has changed their
focus to the Always One Ministries/Kingdom Come
Festival operations. That is not to say that SR is hanging it
up...in fact, it has given SR the chance to re-examine itself
and see which direction they want to go when they fire it
up again.
      Chris has a very large catalog of songs that he had
written over the decades, even prior to the creation of
Strange Reflection. We are considering pulling out a
few of the older songs that had never been worked on
in public, and perhaps even do some new writing.
      Strange Reflection will plan on returning with the
three remaining members, Chris Bousum, Jay Karp,
and Marc Pemberton and will be practicing again soon.
      Keep your eyes and ears open for the return of SR.
Perhaps we will return for Kingdom Come Festival in