Reflecting back
- the origin of Strange Reflection
Strange Reflection was formed in 1998 by Chris Bousum and Jay Karp. Originally an acoustic/alt/rock band that mixed
Chris comes from a talented musical family. He was a vocalist/rhythm guitarist for Kokomo's Christian metal band Light
SR with Jay. Chris mixes piercing lyrics with soulful vocals and catchy guitar hooks.

Jay brings the energy to the band with his driving talents at drums. Another member of the same musical family, Jay's
determination to bring Chris' songs to the public became the catalyst for the band. Jay's versatility could be seen in his
performance of such tunes as I See You, Inches Of Veil, and Kings.

Angie Leyda, Jay's sister, became background vocals for the group during their first stint. She eventually took lead for
some of the popular tunes. Her husband Dave Leyda was the brains and technical genius behind the SR sound
engineering. The Leyda clan has increased from three to five since the band ended in 2001 and will be supporting from
the sidelines as the new SR hits the streets.

Andy Patmore (another brother of Jay and Angie's) provided bass for portion of SR's first run. Brent Bousum (another
relative...this is starting to sound like the Partridge Family) assisted Dave with the sound, video, lighting, equipment set
ups and take downs. Ron Hagy was also provided important help in our fledgling days.

We were blessed to jam with some really talented musicians. Dan Myers and Bob Thomas joined us in our very first
show. Mike Forkner and his legendary guitar skills jammed with us for a few shows. One of the most talented musicians
we ever had the chance to play with, Doug Showalter, is now tearing it up on the West Coast. We had a blast playing with
these guys. As SR decided to revive the band, we have been joined by additional guest musicians, Pat Bousum, lead
guitarist of the Beatles Remix, as well as fellow Beatle Remixer, Jeff Smith.

In our first time around, we tried to walk softly without offending anyone. We had some limited success. With songs
ranging from the rockin' tunes Kings and I See You to the ballads Like The Sun and Caroline, SR tried to please as many
people as possible with its performances. This was one of the bands weaknesses. With heavy convictions for what they
observed were crucial and controversial issues in faith and life, the general presentation of the band prevented them from
bringing these issues to light.

This time around we are pulling no punches. No longer will we sit back and be afraid of hurting peoples feelings or
offending their sensibilities. Some of our old songs will remain, but some have evolved to reflect the band's new heavier
message and heavier music. The acoustic/folk sound of the old band will now be a bold version of Strange Reflection.

We are currently dusting off the equipment and working out the kinks. Soon enough, you will see and hear the new and
more attitude driven Strange Reflection.